News : The truth about The Hills: New Beginning

The truth about The Hills: New Beginnings

When The Hills wrapped back in 2010, millions of hearts broke worldwide (okay, maybe not millions, but close enough). No longer would we feel the rain on our skin. No longer would we tag along to exclusive parties or drunken nights out at Les Deux (RIP). No longer would we wonder whether any of it was actually real (judging by that final gag with the moving Hollywood sign, it… wasn't?). It was the end of an era, one kick-started by the show itself, which changed reality television forever.

When a reboot was announced, it seemed fans' prayers had been answered. Almost a decade after the show finished, it turned out the rest wouldn't be left unwritten after all. Answers would be offered about Justin and Audrina's on-again, off-again relationship, about if Spencer and Heidi managed to make it work, and more.

The Hills: New Beginnings is guaranteed to leave many things unresolved, but there are some things we know for sure. 

The OGs are back... for the most part

In August 2018, the Hills reboot was announced at the MTV VMAs in New York City. Several cast members took to the red carpet to hype the show but it wasn't revealed until April of the following year who was set to return — alongside a handful of notable new faces. As per The Hollywood Reporter, several of the fan-favorite OGs will reappear, namely Audrina Patridge and her ex Justin "Bobby" Brescia, show villains Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt (AKA Speidi), Whitney Port, Brody Jenner, Frankie Delgado, and Spencer's sister, Stephanie Pratt.

Joining them are Laguna Beach alum and Lauren Conrad's ex Jason Wahler (who made a few, fleeting appearances on The Hills too, during its original run) and his wife, Ashley, as well as Jenner's wife (Kaitlynn), Delgado's wife (Jen), and a couple of other newcomers (more on that soon). In an interview, Port told THR that she's completely on board with the cast refresh, stating, "It's a new era and there's only so many of us that are doing the show." She added, "So, I totally support bringing in some new peeps to make 
things interesting."

Lauren Conrad definitely won't be on the show
Disappointing many fans, the series' original lead, Lauren Conrad (whose move to L.A. from Laguna Beach was the whole basis for the spinoff show), won't be returning for The Hills: New Beginnings. Port told The Hollywood Reporter that she tried her best to get Conrad to come back, to no avail. "I have tried to convince Lauren through people. I haven't gotten directly to her, but I recently spoke to one of her friends and I was like, 'Tell her to do it!'" she said.

A source confirmed to People that Conrad is "in a different place in her life." The busy entrepreneur did wish everybody who was taking part the best, however. According to the source, "She loves being a mother and focusing on her family and on her work. She has a very full and happy life." Although it seems Conrad's mind is made up, Port reckons there's still hope, telling THR, "Who knows? Maybe she'll say yes in the future. I feel like the door's always open."

At least two cast members are happy Lauren isn't returning

Fans (and Whitney Port) may be devastated to learn Lauren Conrad won't be leading the show this time around, but there are at least a couple of cast members relieved New Beginnings won't be focusing on Conrad. Speaking to ABC News, Heidi Montag admitted, "I actually was kind of excited Lauren wasn't on it because I felt like it was more freeing and fair, like, for me." It's worth noting that Conrad and Montag had a notorious and very public spat after rumors were spread about Conrad allegedly making a sex tape with her then-boyfriend Jason Wahler, leading to one of the most infamous moments in Hills history ("You know what you did!"). 

Audrina Patridge agreed with Montag about the freedom Conrad's absence would apparently give them, telling ABC News, "Lauren, like, she was always the one — she's the leader, the one that would tell you what to do, what not to do." 

The reality star claimed that, this time around, "You kinda get to make your own choices and be your own self." 
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